Research Areas

Vulnerability Discovery

  • Automated fuzz testing (fuzzing)
  • Vulnerability-tailored testing
  • Vulnerability severity analysis
  • Hybrid testing techniques
  • Testing interface synthesis

Related Projects:
UnTracer AFL-Edge SieveFuzz SAVIOR

Binary Code Analysis

  • Decompilation and disassembly
  • Binary lifting and translation
  • Binary similarity analysis
  • Tool accuracy measurement
  • Emergent languages (e.g., Rust)

Related Projects:
x86-SoK Binary-GT ZAFL DDS

Software Instrumentation

  • Compiler frameworks (e.g., LLVM)
  • Static and dynamic rewriting
  • Hardware-supported tracing
  • Cross-platform instrumentation
  • Debloating and optimization

Related Projects:
ZAFL ASAN-- HeXcite PTrix

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